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This program was born from a mother wanting to make changes.

This is about a story that was tragic.


It is a story that impacted our home.


It is about a MONSTER that emotionally and physically abused a young man in his care, learning a trade.


So having lived the experience I saw HUGE holes in the way of seeking JUSTICE, understanding what a Young Apprentices rights were and who could help.


This MONSTER thought he could get away with the behavior that my son would walk away and he would never hear of him again.

NO - because as protective as a Lioness is to her cubs, I used my anger, my rage to research and seek answers, to find out how this man could be charged under a criminal law.

That is when I discovered Brodies Law - a blessing thanks to the Panlocks who sadly lost their daughter to Workplace bullying, but they used their strength to make Brodies Law happen.

But what of the other issues, like the psychological impact, the fact the Monster was not paying him the correct wages, where was the agency that was looking after my son, why had they not done their job and checked on him? What rights did my son now have, where do we turn to?

They were the many questions I asked myself daily, the nights of staying up long into the early hours of the morning researching, sending emails, reading articles, placing it all together.

I thought my job was done, my son had passed year 12 VCAL and he was entering a trade to become an electrician. I thought he was safe, I believed that the man that hired him was paying him the correct wage, I trusted this man with my sons life every day.

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Lonely Man Leaning against an urban wall

My worst nightmare as a mother exposed itself in February 2016. I never want another young apprentice or family to live through this nightmare, I don’t want them confused as I was seeking answers, looking for that needle in that haystack.

So no more will the power be in the hands of that BULLY boss, the power is to be in the hands of that apprentice understanding what their rights are, and if they ever found themselves in a position of being bullied the what to do next!

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The Program

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