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The power is within you

It is about choice.

The power is within you.

Sometimes amongst the confusion, the pain, the anger we will forget there is a choice.

A choice to get better or remain bitter.

Going through a relationship separation, we are confronted with many choices, guided usually by our emotions, and when we are in a place of grief, where we feel the pain of the a break up, the loss of the family unit, the dreams now forgotten, you may no longer  be able to be part of your children's lives nightly, maybe you are couch surfing, you are just  trying to get your head around, the how and the what next. Emotions are heighten at a time like this, which may lead to not making good choices.

I look back over the years, where we battled trying to get through a family court system, trying to understand how to do the paperwork, worrying about the children, where were we headed? It was a highly stressful time.

Having the experience, knowledge, education. I am passionate about supporting parents going through a separation.

Before you head to a Solicitors office, make a call book a time to see myself.

Having a map in front of you, a plan, genuine support and empathy. Brings clarity, it is like fog lifting so you can breathe and make the right choices for your situation.



Jodie Myintoo



I have finalized my DIPC and I am a qualified counsellor that studied with an Government Accredited School  - I have learnt many tools and resources whilst doing my diploma it only added to the experience I had already and the knowledge I had gained in my 10 years as a mentor for Encouragement for Men. As any reputable counsellor, I have a supervisor who is a Psychologist with over 20 years experience in her field. She is also an author and has a wealth of knowledge in relationship counselling. 

It is an honor to be able to meet and work with people, my experience comes from being a mentor for fathers going through separation and divorce. What started out as voluntary work for DIDS (now parents beyond breakup), I then became a mentor where I supported fathers through the process of separation, and guided them with the their paperwork if they were self representing in court.

Having witnessed my own husband navigate around the family court system and the lack of support that was there for him, I wanted to offer a service that would help all separated parents that are struggling to work through the break-up.  I truly believe that sourcing a counsellor who has the knowledge about separation, family court system, where to go next, what services are available, what are your rights, and supporting you through the grief and loss of the relationship breakdown is valuable and could save costly solicitor fees, confusion, and frustration .

Often new relationships are formed after a separation and the complexities of two adults with children from another relationship,  joining together can be very stressful. I have raised our blended family  along with my husband for 16 years. I have read many books, sourced experts in the field and decided that I wanted to become a counsellor to not only support single parents, but also relationships that are formed again, the blended family, they say 1st marriages fail 50%.  Unfortunately 2nd marriages/relationships have a higher percentage of failing, sitting at 70% and when you look at the dynamics of a blended family you can see there is so much more going on in this unit.  Two adults forming love together, children having new siblings, then there are the outside influences like ex-partners.   I recognized this, I am passionate to work with couples that find themselves in a blended family journey.

Often the answers are in front of us, we just need the support to find them.

I have also had the utmost privilege of adopting my step-daughter who turns 23 this year on the 12th July 2018 to become her natural mother.  An experience that was truly beautiful and strengthened the bond of the deep love we already between us more significant. 

I was recently interviewed by The Age and Triple MMM in regards to Bullying, something I have had recent experience in with regards to my son. Bullying is also something that can occur between two adults when the separate/divorce.

I have a passion to share my experience with other parents and their children that are embarking on an apprenticeship. 

Program Spotlight on Monsters - exposing the Bully Boss is being launched in 2019.

Below are a couple of articles I contributed to, just click on the logo to read.

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