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FREE 60 minute talk, presented via power point, with special guests via video appearing though out the presentation.


Aimed for - VCAL students apprentices and their family.  


The talk is insightful, powerful, raw, real, all to ensure that the audience is empowered with knowledge. 

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Free Booklet filled with

valuable knowledge

FREE Booklet to each family.  The booklet is filled with the story of Nicholas.

What not to tolerate!

What is Brodies Law?


The what to do next if bullying is happening,with numbers, emails and how to get the answers that you should have. Lots more knowledge to ensure the young VCAL student or Apprentice can walk that fearless path.

FREE 8 week program for any student or apprentice in the position of being or been bullied.

FREE 8 week program 

60 minute session once a week, mixture of boxing and mindset.

Tiffany Constable professional Boxing Teacher will be teaching the art of boxing, to give them a new focus and inner self-achievement.

Exercise can enhance well being both physically and mentally.

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FREE 8 week program


As well as clients learning the important skill of boxing from Tiffany.


A mindset program created by Jodie Myintoo to empower the clients with confidence, where their will be an array of tools used to help build confidence, emotions, empower the client one of the favorite tools used amoungst young people is music therapy .

Both Jodie and Tiffany run their own businesses.

If the client wishes to the continue the boxing they can sign up with Tiffany.

At Tribe Boxing.

If the client wishes to continue therapy work they can work with Jodie at her clinic in Langwarrin.   

Jodie Myintoo Counsellor

These services do require payment.

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