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Everyone is a battle sacred warrior. This book takes you through a journey of connection and understanding. It makes you see what is and what is not. Jodie shares her life story of how she overcame tragic obstacles that life threw at her, how she battled but came out on the otherside victorious. The broken can become warriors, is just the right dose of a real story of a greal who grew up in Melbourne, where she learnt from life, it has the balance of emotional, inspiring empowerment to help you if you choose to move through your life battles.  In this book Jodie explains the ignored superpower we all possess "CHOICE". Choices are the foundation upon which our lives are formed.  They are so important and therefore she used this singlehandedly to cause a turnaround in her own life.  This book says you can too if only you are ready.

The Broken can become Warriors

  • Becoming that person you want to be is a journey, a journey you have to choose. A journey to self-discovery, a journey to having an identity, to breaking down and building again.  It is a journey to simply becoming you! This book is the "how to" you have been searching for to give you that much needed boost to make a change.  Therefore, moving through our "choices" to harness your power and strength and to become the warrior you always were meant to be..... so look within the pages.