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WEEK 1 - Mental health PRIORITY NUMBER ONE– no shame in our mental health.

WEEK 2 - Believe you are not alone– more in depth to week one.

WEEK 3 – Feelings Why we shouldn’t dismiss the tough ones? at all.

WEEK 4 – Harnessing your pain – understanding your nervous system.

WEEK 5 – Choice is a superpower – how to understand the power of choice.

WEEK 6 – ANGER – Why anger is not a dirty word, what it is and how to use it.

WEEK 7 – Unleash the inner Warrior – believe in yourself , your story and your scars.

WEEK8 - POWER & PASSION - bringing it all together


Plus 20minutes consultation


Each week you will be emailed a PDF file to read and go through some of the exercises.  Then we can schedule your call either before you take on the 7 weeks, during or after.  You just need to let me know. 

Mind Muscles

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